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Product  Personalisation

To help you to save time

Do you need paper adapted to the specific dimensions of your machines? With a watermark?  Or a bespoke colour for a packaging project? For any customized production, just ask Antalis: we have developed a number of Services to make your life easier and respond to your specific needs.

  • Cutting to size

    We can cut reels and sheets to a specific size for you.

    Terms & Conditions Apply

  • Rewrapping 

    Papers must be protected from humidity and potential transportation damage: we rewrap paper after cutting it to your request.

    Terms & Conditions Apply 

  • Re-labeling 

    You need specific information displayed on your pallet, ream or packet? We will re-label it for you.

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  • Bespoke packaging

    Be it rigid boxes, folded boxes, hang tags or shopping bags requiring a bespoke colour, grammage, base paper or embossing...if you have a specific requirement for a packaging project, contact Antalis today for a consultation.

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  • Papermark 

    As your customer is unique, you can offer him a unique letterhead paper. We create this using their personalized paper with this watermark.

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  • Order per sheet

    You can order the exact number of sheets that you need.