External  Communication


Maintaining your company’s image is important no matter what its size and your image should be reflected in your external communications and in everything you print.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  How long will they be in use? Is it a short term, throw away booklet or a long term brochure which must work for you month in and month out until an update is produced?
  •   If your communication is going to contain lots of coloured images, the type of printing paper you use will make a difference as to how well it looks when printed. High white, smooth papers with high opacity (no show through from the reverse) will reproduce sharp colours and strong images, gloss papers will give the best results, but if you want to be a little more creative then silk or uncoated papers will deliver some outstanding results.
  •   Digital print offers exceptional advantages including the ability to reproduce colours and images to high standards, as well as personalisation, either with individual names on the front or with a different message for the specific target group of customers.
  •  Where environmental credentials are important to you, a wide variety of paper options are available to help you meet this need.
  •  Finishing will help your communication to stand out and incorporating a varnish on the front and /or inside pages, foil blocking or embossing could make a big difference to the way people perceive your company. If the content and messages are important to you, then it is well worth the additional cost of incorporating one or more of these finishes.
  •  Cost should also be factored in, to help you decide if you are producing a premium, designer or mass market communication and you can then plan its content, print and finish to suit the product and your budget.
  •  If you are planning to post your communication, then you need to keep in mind weight and dimensions of the envelope, as size, thickness and weight will impact on the cost of postage.
  •  Tracking your finished communications is important, as no one likes to spend time, effort and money on producing a wonderful piece of print, only to find it goes missing. Carbonless sets provide the ideal means of tracking your finished product and keeping your name in front of customers.
  • Vibrant Colours

    High white, smooth printing papers with high opacity (no show through from the reverse) will reproduce sharp colours and strong images. However, many silk and modern uncoated papers will give outstanding results.

    > Recommended Products:
    Premium Communications - Conqueror - Olin

  • Recycled Papers

    Many of our brands have a recycled papers offer within the range, with a number being carbon neutral, so you can be confident our papers are sustainable and not damaging the environment in which we all live.

    > Recommended Products:
    Cocoon Offset - Conqueror 100% Recycled 

  • Digital Print

    Papers for digital print are becoming more widely available and this form of print enables you to personalise the mailing or leaflet in a way which allows you to target each person or group with exactly the right message.

    > Recommended Products: Digigreen 
    Added value creative option - Arjowiggins Digital Range

  • CSR Policy

    Ensures all of our papers are made using pulps from well managed forests, so you can be sure the papers you use from us have a socially responsible chain of production - from the trees used to make the pulp all the way through to the printer.