Customer testimony

Clarins chooses Antalis recycled paper for ‘responsible beauty’

Antalis, the leading European distributor of paper and visual communication solutions, has always shared the same values as Clarins with regards to protecting and respecting the planet. Therefore, it’s only natural that Clarins has once again chosen Antalis paper for its press kit dedicated to the new version of its intensive anti-aging treatment, Double Serum, which was launched this summer.

The press kit was designed on Cocoon Silk satin recycled paper, which is FSC®-certified and made from 100% recycled fibres. As well as being eco-friendly, Cocoon Silk’s ultra-smooth surface and unique whiteness guarantees an exceptional finish. This perfect combination of eco-responsibility and quality is what appealed to Clarins.                                                     

Luisa Réhault, the head of production within Clarins’ artistic department, explained: “Corporate and social responsibility is part of Clarins’ DNA and as such, we always choose Antalis’ recycled papers which offer the strong environmental credentials so important to us, without compromising on quality”. She concluded: “We have opted for Cocoon Silk recycled paper because its natural finish perfectly represents Clarins’ authentic spirit”.

Through its choice of paper, Clarins emphasises the idea of ‘responsible beauty’, which is essential to the brand. Exemplifying the company’s slogan, “Do more, do better and enjoy doing so”, Clarins is dedicated to creating effective products using the best components, while protecting the planet’s resources at the same time.

Eco-responsibility is also at the heart of Antalis’ business model, making them the ideal partner for the French beauty brand. Stéphane Courtot, President of Antalis France and Director General of Antalis Western Europe commented: “We are happy to continue collaborating with Clarins with whom we share the same strict requirements regarding quality as well as the desire to be innovative in a responsible way”.

As evidence of this, among its many environmentally-friendly initiatives, Antalis has developed the Green Star System which includes information about the origin of the fibre and the manufacturing process by attributing between 0 and 5 stars to each paper, depending on its environmental performance (according to this classification, Cocoon Silk received the top score of 5 stars). This system allows Antalis’ customers to easily incorporate paper usage into their CSR policy while continuing to respect budgetary constraints.

For more information on Antalis’ CSR commitment, visit www.antalis.com