Green Toolbox

Telling the Positive Story of Print & Paper

Many people believe that paper is not eco-friendly - "It contributes to deforestation", "We must avoid printing at all costs", ‘"We must stop producing millions of copies of printed catalogues", "We must fill in all administrative forms online.", "Companies with zero paper policies are much more eco-responsible". We often see email and campaign signatures in favour of zero paper policies. Many organisations believe that by using less paper they are behaving more responsibly. As a result, our economic sector is suffering, largely because the public has a negative image of paper.

Communicating a different message

We have designed and produced a set of communications tools, which you can use to broadcast well-argued, rational, reliable information backed by facts and figures about the environmentally responsible aspects of our industry. These tools, which are unbranded, link to a video which lists all of the environmental advantages of paper. If you use these tools regularly with your customers, you can help us spread the positive message about print and paper.

Please see below the tools as well as information on how to use them.

Let’s work together to debunk myths about paper.​

  • The Antalis Green Star System™



    Click here to learn more about our Antalis Green Star System and download the following Antalis Green Star Tools:

    - Green Star System Definitions for Resellers
    - Green Star System Definitions for Printers, Designers and Consumers
    - Green Star System
    - Green Star Labels

  • Did You Know? Video



  • Use this email signature



    >> 1- Save this image on your computer (click right and save as)

    >> 2- Integrate it into your email signature

    >> 3- Create a link on this image by highlighting the 'Want to know more?' and linking it directly to the Antalis 'Did You Know' environmental video using the following Youtube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLXTzkH9vdo.