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  >> Three new shades of grey for Conqueror Wove and Laid

With its three new greys, the colour pallet of Conqueror Wove and Laid is refreshed and sets                                              Conqueror as a range of neutrals, from whites and creams to greys and black.

Mixed with the existing whites and off-whites, the contemporary tones renew the perception of                                                      the entire colour palette and set Conqueror as the go-to range for subtly expressive                                                      print projects, whilst establishing Conqueror as modern and timeless.



Conqueror Feather

A soft and warm contemporary grey with underlying tones of lilac. Its pastel grey tone makes it also perfect for letterheads or any corporate communication. Its colour has also been carefully defined to be combined with Diamond White and Calligraphy, and add a soft, neutral brightness which breaks through the starkness of a classic black and white palett.


Conqueror Pencil

A very neutral, mid-tone grey, both elegantly classic and contemporarily sharp. Its neutrality adds a breath of modernity to Conqueror High White whereas combined with Diamond White and Feather, it creates a fresh monochrome palette for a brand identity.


Conqueror Cartridge

A strong, darker grey, Cartridge bridges the gap between Pencil and Calligraphy. It strikes the balance perfectly between warm and cool with its slight earthy undertones. Cartridge can be finished perfectly with gold or copper hot foil stamping.